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Pierluigi Pontecorvo
Pierluigi Pontecorvo

Pierluigi Pontecorvo is a prominent retail executive with over 30 years of experience in the retail industry. 

He thoroughly understands consumer behavior and the most efficient sales methods and has established famous brands in the consumer market. 

Pierluigi Pontecorvo has worked in many countries and gained in-depth expertise working with multinational teams and customer profiles.

He is passionate about inspiring people to take charge of their lives and learn new skills to improve their careers.

His previous experience includes working as the Managing Director of a leading European retail group, which has given him a wealth of experience and expertise in many fields, including brand management, supply chain management, expansion and customer relationship management.

Pierluigi can design a customer experience and tailor individual business styles to various local contexts.

He gives content marketing strategy consultations, helping firms connect with customers.

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Pierluigi Pontecorvo

Content Marketer & Retail Expert.

Engaging Pierluigi for Consultation on Content Marketing and How to connect to your audience is possible.

Pierluigi is Available to be also hired as a top manager for retail companies.